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The Lexicon Group of Institutes was established in the year 1999 by Shri S D Sharma with the sole aim of imparting high quality education in the field of management education, preprimary, primary and secondary education. The various educational institutions under the aegis of the brand name Lexicon is today synonymous for quality, visionary and progressive education. In a very short span of time the group has established a business school, top CBSE Schools, best preschools in Pune (Lexicon Kids) and Junior college in Pune. Various surveys over the years have ranked the Lexicon schools as the best CBSE schools. The LexiconKids being the best preschools in Pune have also been awarded for their progressive curriculum. The Lexicon group believes in student centric education and building confidence in children is at the heart of the schooling process. Lexicon provides ample opportunities of confidence building to its strong base of 6000+ students.

Lexicon Kids is a progressive, child-centered, co-educational pre-school managed by Sukhdev and Kamal Sharma Trust, committed to providing quality education to all its students. We are the pioneers to practice “The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” identified by Howard Gardner in our Curriculum. Our challenging curriculum prepares our students to proceed on their educational journey with confidence. The curriculum lays emphasis on acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and the understanding and discovery of the principles of science.

The ethos of the school is embedded in its motto ‘Believe in Yourself’.

Our objective is to equip the students with knowledge, skills, and values which will enable them to gain life skill sets for their personal and professional development and help them grow into young adults who are aware of their responsibilities towards the society.

The confidence that a Lexicon Kids student radiates is a testimony to the fact that this school is ONE of the BEST PRESCHOOLS IN PUNE